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Partner Spotlight: Center for Economic Progress

During the 2016 tax season, the Center for Economic Progress (CEP) will help nearly 20,000 Illinoisans file their taxes. CEP is currently running 15 free Volunteer Income Tax Preparation (VITA) sites in Chicago, the suburbs, and Springfield, where hundreds of trained volunteers help people complete their tax return and claim vital tax credits.

March 03, 2016 | 2:44pm | Jody Blaylock
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Graduates of Asset Building Programs Honored

In June dozens of participants in the Asset Building programs at Heartland Human Care Services (HHCS) were recognized for their achievements by program mentors and Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

"Today we are celebrating success,” Erika Singleton, a member of the HHCS Asset Building Team, said. “The milestones achieved, the goals accomplished, and every step taken toward success.”

July 09, 2014 | 5:54pm | James Povijua
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Program Profile: YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

“Women helping women, women supporting women, women nurturing women, women growing by leaps and bounds— now that’s empowerment. I see myself in the women I serve. I am not my sister’s keeper... I am my sister.”-Shquestra Sitawi, Manager of Economic Empowerment

March 05, 2014 | 1:19pm |
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Minority Communities Trapped by Poor Credit

February 24, 2014 | 10:09am | Lindy Carrow
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Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley’s Teen Center

A child who witnesses their parents’ negative experiences or lack of any interaction with financial institutions is likely to learn that lesson and apply it when they come of age by using alternative financial services like check cashers, wire transfers, payday loans, or money orders to circumvent financial institutions. Using alternative financial services instead of banks or credit unions is called being “unbanked” and there are many costs and dangers associated with it. Those who are unbanked pay to cash every paycheck.

December 11, 2013 | 11:59am | Ethan Brown
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Top 4 Takeaways from the Assets and Opportunities Leadership Network Convening

On December 3rd and 4th, CFED's Assets and Opportunities Network (A&O) held its first Leadership Convening of statewide coalitions, advocates, and service providers working to deepen the impact of asset-based strategies. For those who didn’t make it, here are our top four takeaways.  1) Understanding Scarcity is key to anti-poverty work

December 11, 2013 | 11:54am | Ethan Brown
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Program Profile: North Lawndale Employment Network

“Helping our clients build a solid credit history is quite rewarding because this will lead to them having access to safe products that will allow them reach their financial goals.” -Stacey Woods, Financial Coach, North Lawndale Employment NetworkEmployment & Credit Building to Rejuvenate a Community

November 05, 2013 | 10:35am |
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Texas’ Scalable Small Dollar Loan Program

This is the first installment of a series of blogs on Innovations in Asset Building. The ProblemPayday loans are rampant in Texas and payday lenders consider Texas a profit center for their products. Payday lending is a problem in Illinois too as lenders regularly charge up to 400% APR. IABG works to protect consumers from predatory products.

September 25, 2013 | 2:11pm | Ethan Brown
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Program Profile: Justine PETERSEN

It’s exciting to see the “light bulb” turn on as they begin to understand credit building as asset building, and how it allows clients to have higher credit scores sooner and faster and how simple the process is.-Kristin Schell, Credit Building Manager

September 04, 2013 | 11:26am |
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The Affordable Care Act & the Unbanked: Part 2

This is the second blog in a two part blog series on the Unbanked and the Uninsured.

In our first blog of this series we discussed the unique challenges facing unbanked households when they try to pay for health insurance.

August 01, 2013 | 9:17am | Lucy Mullany
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